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A complete beginner course for all freshers who are looking for career in web technologies.

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Rs 5,000/-

100% Positive review

50+ students

20+ Lessons

Live online course

Best course for beginners

Available at comfort time

Language : English | Hindi

Level: Beginner

Category: Web Development & Short courses





30 days ( 1 hour every day)

2 Realtime projects

Learn the fundamentals of creative web design to build interactive sites from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Document Structure in HTML

  • Basic Tags and Attributes in HTML 1

  • Basic Tags and Attributes in HTML 2

  • Starting to Work in CSS

  • Properties of CSS 1

  • Properties of CSS 2

  • Media Queries and Web Fonts in CSS

  • Transitions, Animations, and Filters in CSS

  • Starting with Javascript

  • Variables and Functions

  • The querySelector Function

  • Events 

  • Publishing the Website

  • Final projects with HTML,CSS & JS.

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30 Days Front-end web development course

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