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Workshops are the best and fastest way to learn the important and advanced concepts in any technology or programming languages.
We at Airbaclabs have developed an industry related curriculum for workshops to be held in International Schools and Engineering colleges. 
These 3 day workshops will helps students to understand and learn any technologies easily. These are paid workshops, which will be done in the school or college campuses. Each participant will be awarded with a participant certificate for workshop. 

AI / ML workshop 3 days

Introduction to AI,ML

Python Basics, ML libraries,

Real time ML projects

Front-end Web Development Workshop

HTML, CSS and Java Script

Front-en Web Design, 

Creating Front-end website

Web Development with Python (DJANGO)

Basics of Python, 

HTML, CSS, Libraries, Django, Admin panel, Database

React JS 3-days Workshop

HTML, CSS ,Basics of JS, 

Basics of React, 

Creating ui with React 

Nodejs 3-days Workshop

Basics of JS, EXPRESS JS, 

Nodejs Basics, Mango DB 

Creating clone website

MERN stack 4-days Workshop

Basics of React, Basics of Express, Mango DB, Node JS

Client side-server side app

Digital Marketing 2 days Workshop

Search Engine optimization, Facebook , Instagram, youtube marketing. Other Tools


3-days workshop

Basics of DevOps, Lifecycle,

Deployment, Virtual tools, 

Management Tools

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