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"Learn Technologies in school
create products in College
Build companies when you are 25



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Improving Lives Through Learning

Airbaclabs is an ed-tech company works on the motto of Technology for every one. Launched in 2020, We offer Basic Technology courses for kids age 11-17 and, Advanced Technology courses for Every one. Airbaclabs mostly focus on Advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things, Robotics, Block chain, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Cyber Security and Gaming.

We do both Online courses and Offline Workshops. Online courses will have some time period around 20-40 live classes with Industry experts training students in 1:5 manner. Students who attended the online course will get Certification. When coming to offline workshops at colleges the duration will be 2-5 days. We also do Hackathons to explore the tallest and innovation in the young minds. we do National and International Hackathons on advanced technologies.

What is Airbac labs ??

Artificial Intelligence

Chatboats, Data Analytics, Computer Vision, Natural language processing and more....

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Internet Of Things

Smart Home Automation, Sensors, 

Smart Cities, Smart Gadgets and more...


Robotics & Automation

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Robots, Automation Industries, 

Cleaning bots, Autonomous Drones and more....

Blockchain Technology

Cross border payments, Secure sharing data, Personal identity security, supplychain and logistics monitoring systems and more...

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Augmented Reality &
Virtual Reality

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Real time visual Experiences, Ecommerce product displays,

Gaming experience and more...

Cyber Security & Gaming

Cloud security, Network Security, 

Internet Of Things Security, Social Networks security, Application security and more....

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P.V.Lakshmi Prasad

Founder & Managing Director

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Vijay Pavan


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