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"Learn Technologies in school
create products in College
Build companies when you are 25



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Improving Lives Through Learning

Airbaclabs is an ed-tech company works on the motto of Technology for every one. Launched in 2020, We offer Basic Technology courses for kids age 11-17 and, Advanced Technology courses for Every one. Airbaclabs mostly focus on Advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Internet Of Things, Robotics, Block chain, Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, Cyber Security and Gaming.

We do both Online courses and Offline Workshops. Online courses will have some time period around 20-40 live classes with Industry experts training students in 1:5 manner. Students who attended the online course will get Certification. When coming to offline workshops at colleges the duration will be 2-5 days. We also do Hackathons to explore the tallest and innovation in the young minds. we do National and International Hackathons on advanced technologies.


P.V.Lakshmi Prasad

Founder & Managing Director


Vijay Pavan

CEO & Co-founder

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