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Let them know how to build internet first -Before coding

India's first

Web building course for kids 

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1: 5 Live online classes

You can choose your time slot while booking the course
Join the class on time everyday without delay
You can ask every doubt in the class immediately.
Practice everyday at least 15 minutes after session

Specially designed course for kids 

Students can build any design by drag and drop method
How to create your UX portfolio even if you don’t have any prior experience in UX design
Anyone aspiring to transition in to a career in the field of UI & UX designing 
You can make your own business website after the course
You will be the CEO for your next online company
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Is This Course Right for Your kid ?

This is the level-1 course suitable for any student who is interested in technology and other creative works
This web building course will help them to improve their innovation by designing new templates from nothing.
They can create their own portfolio in schooling itself, instead of making a traditional resume.
Any student above 11 years old can join in this course as the basic technology for their future learning.

What after this course

You will become a certified web builder 
You will become a good UI / UX designer
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You can earn from online as a freelancer or by your own business
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