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Learn one of the
highly demanded 
programming language in 2021

One Language - Many opportunities

Basic Python Programming 

About the course

Kick start your learning of Python Programming for data science,Machine Learning, Gaming, Cyber Security   as well as programming in general with this introduction to Python course. This beginner-friendly Python course will transform you from zero to programming in Python in a matter of hours of Live Classes and give you a best experience of world most demanded programming Language(Python).

This course will give you the complete overview on Python Programming Language. You can Create your own data science projects and Machine Learning projects after this course. Join the course now and explore all the opportunities you have by learning Python Programming Language. This is an Basic Level Python course, the duration of this course will be 44 Hours. 


Why Python ?

You can work in fields like Data science / Machine learning if you learn Python
Python is used by companies in recruiting, healthcare, financial services, marketing, education and many more.
You can enter into cyber security and Gaming also
Python is in high demand for jobs
Web Application and Internet Development
Python is best for Data Visualization

What you will learn in this course

Have a fundamental understanding of Python
What is Python and its usecases
Master Object-Oriented Programming and structure your Python programs like a professional.
Applications of Python in Different fields 
Working with Database using Python
Python Libraries for Data science and Machine Learning
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What are the requirements & Prerequisites ?

Not much coding knowledge required, a basic touch about programming is needed
A computer with good internet connection needed
No paid tools required. As the tools used in this course are free
Any student who have interest in computer science can Learn this course 
Best use for fresh graduates who are looking for jobs in the fields like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Game Development .

Python Job Profiles !

Software engineer
Python Developer 
Data Scientist
Game Developer 
Machine Learning Engineer
Data Analyst 
Cyber Security expert

What after this course ?

You will get a Python programmer Certificate
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You can become a Machine Learning engineer
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You can become a Data Scientist 
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