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Introduce them coding when they are in school

They will stand out of the crowd, when they need job

Why Should Kids Learn Programming?

Young kids can learn any language faster and easier than us (adults)  because their growing brains are made for learning,
so childhood is a great time to start learning coding concepts.
Learning to program helps kids develop skills that will not only benefit them in school but also help them stand out from the crowd in the job market.
Remember ,most of the highest paying jobs in the globe today require coding knowledge. 
They can earn while learning itself.
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What is this course for ?

This is the most easy and useful course designed for kids belongs to age 11-17 ( Grade VI - Grade XII)
Kids will learn what is programming language and how it works
They will develop UI of an website using basic languages
They will learn HTML and CSS
They will learn game development from Scratch
Kids will understand the concept of programming 

Build Games from Scratch !

Let your kids also become craters not just consumers
They can develop many games using block type coding
Scratch is an innovative platform for kids to create amazing games without coding knowledge.
We train your kids on how to create games without coding using scratch platform.
Your kids will get a complete overview on how games are created and how they are working
This help kids to understand the logic and concept behind games and other software applications. 
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What after the course ?

Your kid will get a junior programmer and basic Game developer Certificate
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Your kid can develop a own game after this course
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Your kid will learn other programming languages quickly with basic experience.
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